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  • Winning At Home encourages people of all ages in a family to lead Christ- centered homes. Based in Holland, Michigan.

What’s Your Excuse?

Recently a young mom in her 30’s received national attention because of something she posted on her Facebook page. It caused quite a stir, mostly among women. It’s a photo of the woman and her three young children. She is thin and fit, but it’s the caption above her photo [...]

Strategies, Not Jewelry Will Prevent Affairs

Have you ever sat in a chair that has some kind of pattern to it while you are wearing a pair of shorts and when you lift off the seat, that pattern is imprinted onto the back of your legs? If you are around my age you might also remember [...]

Rising Above

Some stand two or three stories high. They are typically found in states where there are a number of trees and mountains. People can actually sleep in some of them or walk around. Give up? It’s a fire tower. Many of these towers were built with little cabins on top [...]

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