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Perfect Parenting

Before my first child was even out of the womb, I felt comfortable that I had parenting figured out. I was dead serious that I was going to be a perfect parent.  My kids were [...]

Dying for Attention

The Center for Disease Control listed suicide as the tenth leading cause of death among people of all ages. Today, just among teens, it’s the third leading cause of death. Proof of this can be [...]

Shine On!

I Remember when former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, announced they were separating after 25 years of marriage. At the time of the announcement there was no mention of any particular reason, [...]

The Smell of Youth

I spoke with my wife recently about an observation I have made that we don’t kiss as much as we use too. I even wrote an article about it because she replied the reason we [...]

Parent Night

At the beginning of every school year, there’s usually an open house for parents at some point within the first few weeks. It’s a chance for parents to meet their children’s teachers and learn about [...]

WAH World Zambia Trip Update

While it’s difficult to pinpoint every success that happens on a mission trip, the sound of laughter erupting for the first time from a three-year old boy is certainly an accomplishment and a blessing. This [...]


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