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Shine On!

I Remember when former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, announced they were separating after 25 years of marriage. At the time of [...]

The Smell of Youth

I spoke with my wife recently about an observation I have made that we don’t kiss as much as we use too. I even wrote [...]

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Parent Night

At the beginning of every school year, there’s usually an open house for parents at some point within the first few weeks. It’s a chance [...]

WAH World Zambia Trip Update

While it’s difficult to pinpoint every success that happens on a mission trip, the sound of laughter erupting for the first time from a three-year [...]

Locked In

The hairstyle is reminiscent of the days before the Internet. A reflection of the Madonna material girl era from the 80’s combined with a lack [...]


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