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Locked In

The hairstyle is reminiscent of the days before the Internet. A reflection of the Madonna material girl era from the 80’s combined with a lack of imagination from the 50’s. It’s not current or trendy, [...]

Good, Selfish Parenting

Years ago a guy sat in my office and called me selfish because I have four kids. He was ashamed of me, he said, because I was so egocentric that I had gone and tried [...]

Dying for Attention

Dying for Attention Dan Seaborn The Center for Disease Control listed suicide as the tenth leading cause of death among people of all ages. Today, just among teens, it’s the third leading cause of death. [...]

  • Winning At Home encourages people of all ages in a family to lead Christ- centered homes. Based in Holland, Michigan.

Take the Long Way Home

Certainly it might seem that the quickest path is the straightest line between two points but have you ever noticed or wondered whether the quickest path is the best path? When was the last time [...]


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