If you have ever been to a tropical climate you know that it often rains daily. The rain can either be perceived as a daily refresher and source for making all things clean and new or it can be an inconvenience. It’s all about perspective.

You cho

ose how you are going to see the rain and how you are going to react to it.

The “rain” in our marriages is very similar. The “rain” in marriage can be anything about the other person. Things like their physical appearance, size, habits, or words. Do you see some of your spouse’s personal traits as refreshing and unique or do you see them as annoying or distasteful? It’s only how you see those traits that matters. It seldom has anything to do with your spouse. It is your perspective that can be changed.

Prescription: Think about your spouse’s traits that bother or annoy you. Look at how you can change your

perspective instead of getting frustrated that your spouse isn’t changing.