It doesn’t take long for a married couple to figure out that being married isn’t easy by any means. Marriage has always been jam-packed with potential for disagreements, disruptions, disappointment, and distractions.

To make matters worse, these days marriage is also packed with potential for divorce. When couples say “I do,” a shocking percentage of them consider a split to be their likely back-up plan. Forget ‘til death do us part; if things don’t turn out like they expect, a husband and wife can easily end their relationship before a judge.

In fairness, many of these couples think that divorce is the only way to resolve a marriage gone sour. What these couples fail to realize about divorce, though, is that in solving marriage problems, divorce is rarely the best answer.

Splitting up is usually the “fix” that’s far too big, you see, and it can often be avoided if couples choose smaller solutions instead. That’s right, in order to divorce-proof your marriage, try going little:

Spend a little time remembering…what it was like in the beginning. Let your mind travel back to the time when you were dating, and remember what you were like in the days when you were trying to win your spouse’s heart.

You called for no reason at all. You talked about them all the time. You couldn’t wipe the grin off your face when they were around. You made efforts to be romantic, to be alluring, to be impressive. You tried hard to make the relationship work.

Now think: How would your marriage be better if you resurrected those days a bit? It would be more enjoyable, more exciting, and more hopeful, wouldn’t it? Of course it would.

When we neglect to celebrate the good in a relationship, things can quickly get stale. That’s why it’s important for husbands and wives to remember and revive the old days, to find small ways to keep things exciting and fresh.

Have little exposure…to people and situations that would tempt you to stray. Work to create healthy boundaries in your relationships with other members of the opposite sex.

In your everyday conversations and interactions, keep things from crossing an inappropriate line. In fact, stay as far back from that line as you can. If there’s an individual or a circumstance that threatens to get between you and your spouse, do everything you can possibly do to avoid that individual or circumstance.

Infidelity is at the root of countless divorces, so one easy way to divorce-proof your marriage is to infidelity-proof your marriage. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re vulnerable to an affair. Set up your life in a way that promotes faithfulness.

Build a little trust…whenever you have the opportunity. One of the greatest deterrents to divorce in a marriage is the husband and wife’s ability to trust each other. This is such a huge factor in keeping relationships strong!

Every single day, you have opportunities to build trust with your spouse. You can tell them the truth without withholding important details. You can do what you’ve said you will. You can show up when you’ve said you will. You can follow through on your promises, no matter how small.

By building trust on a daily basis, you help to establish a pattern of trustworthiness in your marriage—and that makes divorce a much less likely scenario.

Try it, won’t you? Start working on the little solutions in your relationship, and you’ll probably to discover that divorce is a ‘fix’ that’s much bigger than what you really need.