As a non-profit organization, we strive to maintain accountability to donors, to supporters, and to the general public for our actions—including our financial decisions. We are committed to being faithful and responsible with your individual and corporate gifts. To ensure financial integrity, we exercise the following checks and balances:

  • Winning At Home is accountable to a Board of Directors which reviews our financial statements on a regular basis.
  • Winning At Home encourages donors to support their local church ministry first, before considering our organization.
  • Winning At Home is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit organization (501

(501[c]3). Gifts made to Winning At Home are tax-deductible as allowed under the United States Internal Revenue Code. All resources are available for a suggested donation. When ordering resources, amounts given in excess of the fair market value of the materials are tax-deductible. If you want to receive a resource for less than the suggested amount, please contact our offices.

Financial support for this non-profit ministry is raised in three ways: general donations, donations for resources, and speaking fees. With sustained donor provisions, we are able to create and promote resources and events that encourage and strengthen families worldwide.

If you give to non-profit organizations, please consider Winning At Home. With your assistance, we will continue to provide guidance to millions of individuals and families across the nation and the world. Your gifts are an integral part of our effectiveness in encouraging and teaching people to win at home.

Thank you for your willingness to stand with us.