A Man and Menopause

In my experience, women can sometimes get upset about a man trying to address issues that only females experience. But since the beginning of the word menopause includes “men,” I wanted to try. I’m no expert on the subject, but even though only women go through it, I know menopause affects the whole family.

It’s easy to respond to menopause with some impatience and frustration but put yourself in that woman’s shoes. She doesn’t understand everything that is happening to her either. There are reportedly over 100 symptoms of menopause! We hear a lot about hot flashes, but experts in the field talk about symptoms that include everything from memory loss to extreme anxiety. A woman, who has never dealt with a panic attack in her life, can suddenly wake up one night in the middle of one. I can only imagine how unsettling that could be. In addition, because no two women are alike, everybody’s symptoms of menopause will be different.

The best response you can offer to someone is to be understanding and caring. Remember that their mood is a reflection of physical changes that are happening in their body, and they don’t have much control over it. Support them with loving words and deeds. Listen to them when they need to talk about it, even if it’s ten times in one day. They need to process what is happening. It might help you to read up on the subject. Not so you can fix the problem, but so you can better relate to it.  A woman does not have to suffer through this alone.

The symptoms of menopause are real. Help the person you know who is experiencing it by showing extra kindness and love even though it may feel like their behavior doesn’t warrant it. Go out of your way to think about how you can help them instead of just thinking about how it’s affecting you, and get back to winning at home.