Anger by Peter Newhouse, PhD, LMSW, ACSW

Where Anger Comes From

Anger is a natural, biochemical reaction that happens in all humans. While this emotion can help protect and defend us in certain instances (i.e., when we are under attack), it can also become destructive through violence, rage, and abuse.

Anger is neither positive nor negative. It is an emotion that was created by God. It is important to distinguish between the emotion of anger and the action of aggression. Anger is something we feel, aggression is something we do. A person has the ability to choose to express anger either in constructive or destructive ways.

Anger is often destructive for individuals and their relationships when it is displayed inappropriately.

Using the appropriate tools, we can learn to control our negative words and aggressive actions to create a positive change in ourselves and our relationships.

When Help is Needed

The person that is struggling with anger:

  • Fails to demonstrate the ability to control their emotions.
  • Has frequent and extreme outbursts (i.e., verbally, hitting, slamming doors, throwing things), which are destructive to themselves and others.
  • Has displayed outbursts consistently over the past three to six months.

Anger issues are common and treatable. Winning At Home Family Wellness counselors offer opportunities to gain new tools to combat the unnecessary anger outbursts.

Anger, in its extreme and destructive form, is the opposite of what we know is God’s best. At Winning At Home Family Wellness, we help many people recover from damaging forms of anger. As Christian counselors, we believe this healing process is not only beneficial, but is biblically mandated as we are to seek to live in peace and choose to love one another.

If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these symptoms, please consider contacting our office to set up an appointment.

Treatment & Recovery

We offer treatment from a biblical perspective to allow hurting individuals to receive peace and enjoyment in their lives. Real change and healing occurs for people who take distinct steps towards change and growth.

Important Recovery Elements:
1. Identify and own destructive expressions of anger. Don’t blame others. This can take on many different  forms:

  • Aggressive/physical anger
  • Passive internal/external anger
  • Indirect anger (manipulative) anger
  • Passive-aggressive anger

2. Be patient. Working through anger always begins with the individual learning to experience the emotion.

3. Go back and focus on the specifics of the issue.

4. Learn to communicate more proactively and in-depth on a consistent basis. Stay open to input from others.

5. Grow in your ability to monitor your emotions and how to express them.


Blessed are those whose attitudes are shaped by their hopes, not their hurts.

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