Adult Anxiety by Peter Newhouse, PhD, LMSW, ACSW

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Anxiety is an uncomfortable, overwhelming feeling that creates several physical, mental, and behavioral problems often called stress, fear, worry, or panic.

About 25-40 million Americans have experienced anxiety to some extent. Thirty percent of Americans will suffer from an anxiety disorder sometime in their life.

Typically anxiety is first diagnosed when an individual is in their mid-30’s, however, many people report struggling with anxiety in a variety of forms all their life. Frequent comments heard when someone is seeking help for anxiety and getting therapy are:

“I have been a worrier for years.”

“My mom has always been a worrier.”

“I have struggled with fears at many different times in my life.”

Treatment & Recovery

At Winning At Home Family Wellness, we believe there are effective treatments that can bring real hope and healing into the lives of those suffering from anxiety and anxiety-related disorders. As Christian counselors, we have had great success with using a clear and concise three-step approach that helps deal with the body, mind, and behaviors of the individual.

Steps to Recovery:

  1. Learn to do body calming techniques to help relax physical responses.
  2. Help change the negative and distorted thoughts into positive, solution-focused approaches.
  3. Help individuals push through fears and make behavioral changes to overcome uncertainties that need to be confronted.

This three-step approach has been successful in helping people walk through their journey from despair to real life transformation.


Counselors at Winning At Home Family Wellness refer certain clients for medication in helping them deal with their particular issues. We desire the whole person to have victory and healing.

Anxiety is an issue that in unique situations may be helped by medications. Individuals who may benefit from medications are those:

  • With obsessive compulsive disorder.
  • With coexisting depression.
  • Too anxious to participate in therapy.
  • Situations where we determine it would be a helpful tool to enhance healing.


Blessed are those whose attitudes are shaped by their hopes, not their hurts.

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