An Investment for the Future


A family I know loves to play basketball together. They call it “family basketball” and they play in the driveway at home. It’s a mom and dad and two boys. They love to whoop it up—shoot free throws, block shots, and drive to the basket, all the while joking and laughing with each other. Quite often while they play, a 10-year-old boy from down the street will ride his bike back and forth in front of their driveway. He doesn’t say anything, but it’s obvious he’s dying to get into the game. He lives with his mother and grandmother, but no father and no basketball hoop.

With kids in similar situations in mind, I’m going to ask all men to join me in an investment opportunity that I think will yield great returns—more than l00 percent! Before I share this awesome opportunity, I want you to take a personal inventory of your own life. I want to make sure that you are spending quality time with your own children and contributing to their lives. Are you balancing your work and home life to where your kids feel cherished by you? If that’s all in order, then I want to encourage you to join me in picking a child over the course of the next year that you can invest in. One who perhaps doesn’t have a father or doesn’t know their father. A kid who’s sitting on the bench and doesn’t have a chance to get in the game without the right coach.

There is a young man I’ve gotten to know over the course of the last few years that is in that situation. Every now and then, I just tell him how proud I am of him and I can tell by his smile that it means a ton. I want to encourage you to do the same and invest today in a son that someone else has neglected. I’m not talking legal adoption, but someone you can occasionally involve in your family activities. A kid you come alongside and tell them the things you see and value in their life. I hope you will consider investing in the future by making a difference in the life of someone else’s kid today.