Annaliese Seaborn, CPLC


• Zeeland/Holland

Areas of Focus:

• Purpose and Identity
• Career Design
• Enneagram 
• Communication
• Leadership Development 

Patient Ages:

• Young Adults
• Adults

As a coach, I get so excited to see the transformation in each session as my clients strategize, talk through, and design their own life plan. They get to feel themselves wake up and live more intentionally every day!

My educational background and lifelong passion are focused on studying how people work, communicate, think, and behave. Being a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC, with additional certification in Mental Health Coaching) has given me an empowering and effective way to walk with others through life’s struggles as they get to know themselves better. My clients explore who they are, and learn to use their own strengths, personality, and practical habits to build actual positive change in their lives.

My coaching style integrates a safe, creative space with a joyful exploration process for my clients as they uncover their actual, God-designed purpose. They feel relief and empowerment as they learn to use the truth about who they are along with their own strengths, personality, and healthy habits to build the real change they want to see in their lives.

My passion is partnering with my clients (women and men, leaders, moms, high school grads and college students) to help them gain fresh insight about themselves so they can design the life they want. I specialize in the areas of purpose and identity, career design, personal growth (using the Enneagram), effective communication, and leadership development. I also help those walking through mental health issues get the support they need to make a personalized success plan that works for them and their families.

I live in Holland, MI with my husband, Alan, and our dogs, Russell & Mac. Sharing life with friends and family brings me so much joy, especially when we’re connecting about our growth, dreams, fears, and experiences. I love reading, laughing, thinking creatively, paper crafting and being outside in nature.