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Covering For Kids Isn’t Love


Covering For Kids Isn’t Love It wasn’t just because he was their kid. The parents were on their son’s side in the disagreement because that was the right side to be on. He was the one who was only ten percent to blame, while the other guy—an adult authority figure [...]

Covering For Kids Isn’t Love2017-08-22T20:30:08-04:00

How (& Why) To Have Empathy For Your Children And Teens


How (& Why) To Have Empathy For Your Children And Teens “What lingers from a parent’s individual past, unresolved or incomplete, often becomes part of his or her irrational parenting.” – Virginia Satir Sometimes you will have a reason to be angry, disappointed, and even shocked by the circumstances your [...]

How (& Why) To Have Empathy For Your Children And Teens2017-08-15T15:33:11-04:00



Studies have concluded that people juggle an average of 50,000 thoughts a day. No wonder it’s so easy to become overloaded! The car didn’t start this morning. That thought occupies one little corner of your mind. Your boss is upset with you but you don’t know why. Another corner fills up. Your spouse calls [...]


How To Talk With Your Spouse About Money


How To Talk With Your Spouse About Money We’ve all heard that “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” But we should know, too, that the love of money is a root of all kinds of divorces. Not only are finances one of the big [...]

How To Talk With Your Spouse About Money2017-06-27T16:30:25-04:00



On Developing Your Parenting Style & Structure (Your "Normal") We as parents continuously struggle with a desire for our parenting to fall within some elusive parameters that the majority—or some imagined panel of “experts”—might deem standard or appropriate. This idea originates at least in part from the unending stream of [...]


On Blended Families


On Blended Families - Excerpts from Parenting with Grace and Truth, by Dan Seaborn “Families come in all different shapes and sizes. There are single-parent families, stepfamilies, and two-parent families. There are families where children are being raised by grandparents, as well as families where all or some of the children are adopted” (pg. [...]

On Blended Families2017-04-12T10:28:43-04:00

Expect the Unexpected


Expect the Unexpected A commercial has been airing lately that infers how people should expect the unexpected— in a good way! One commercial shows the leader of a rock band, that’s apparently playing in a small bar in a very small town, announcing that their lead guitarist is a no-show. [...]

Expect the Unexpected2017-07-13T15:01:35-04:00

Shades of Green


Shades of Green There are couples who seem a little mismatched in the physical department. You’ve all met at least one couple where one spouse is drop-dead gorgeous and the other is perhaps average in looks. I’m strictly talking about the outside appearance at first glance. I know that inner [...]

Shades of Green2017-06-27T16:31:02-04:00

Choose to be Nice


Choose To Be Nice Did you ever have those days or weeks with your spouse when you feel like you’re just nitpicking at each other for the sake of nitpicking? There’s really nothing wrong or going on in your marriage, but its part of being in a relationship. Sometimes you [...]

Choose to be Nice2017-06-27T16:31:19-04:00

Am I Pretty or Ugly?


Am I Pretty or Ugly? There is nothing more beautiful than a confident person. Everybody likes to be around them and in some way, everyone feels a little more hopeful. This is compared to hanging out with a pessimist who sees no silver lining and thinks every glass is half [...]

Am I Pretty or Ugly?2017-07-13T14:44:38-04:00