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Choose to be Nice


Choose To Be Nice Did you ever have those days or weeks with your spouse when you feel like you’re just nitpicking at each other for the sake of nitpicking? There’s really nothing wrong or going on in your marriage, but its part of being in a relationship. Sometimes you [...]

Choose to be Nice2019-08-29T14:59:29-04:00

Am I Pretty or Ugly?


Am I Pretty or Ugly? There is nothing more beautiful than a confident person. Everybody likes to be around them and in some way, everyone feels a little more hopeful. This is compared to hanging out with a pessimist who sees no silver lining and thinks every glass is half [...]

Am I Pretty or Ugly?2019-08-29T14:59:29-04:00

Here Comes the Judge


Here Comes The Judge How far would you go to protect your children? If you suspected your children were taking or somehow involved with drugs, would you hire a dog to help you sniff out the truth? Some parents are taking that step in order to shield their children from [...]

Here Comes the Judge2019-08-29T14:59:30-04:00

Watch What You Watch


Watch What You Watch I listen to a lot of current music and recently someone shared a YouTube music video with me from entertainer Katy Perry. The song is called “Last Friday Night”. The premise of the video revolves around a teenage girl who sits home most Friday nights. She [...]

Watch What You Watch2019-08-29T14:59:30-04:00

Who is the Better Parent?


Who is the Better Parent? The headline, “Do Dads Make Better Parents than Moms?” caught my eye because I’m known to be a little competitive. However, this article didn’t really focus on any rivalry, but rather discussed how the roughhousing dads typically engage in with their children is actually beneficial [...]

Who is the Better Parent?2019-08-29T14:59:30-04:00

A Tale of Deceit


A Tale of Deceit The New York Times published a story in their Wedding Section under “Vows” about a couple who had recently married. Sounds innocent enough, but this couple met while both were married to someone else. They tell the story of how they both divorced their spouses in [...]

A Tale of Deceit2019-08-29T14:59:30-04:00

The Light of the World


Have you ever experienced silence from a person? Something happens and your spouse, child, sibling, parent, or friend just stops talking to you. It’s not a good feeling. Or think about that time you were waiting to hear from someone you love who was late or didn’t show up. They weren’t answering your texts or [...]

The Light of the World2019-08-29T14:59:30-04:00

Be Careful What You Wish For


Be Careful What You Wish For Mom sits on the couch while her three-month-old nuzzles her neck and squirms uncomfortably trying to find the right spot to sleep. Her two-year-old daughter has just bounded out of her baby brother’s room wearing a pair of his pants which of course look [...]

Be Careful What You Wish For2019-08-29T14:59:30-04:00



Banking On Thanking A couple of times a year I speak openly about the role faith plays in my life. It encourages me to give thanks continuously for my wife, my children, the organization I’m blessed to lead and first and foremost my relationship with Jesus Christ. Without him, the [...]

BANKING ON THANKING2019-08-29T14:59:32-04:00

Follow the Leader


Follow the Leader There’s a game I played as a kid and maybe you did too. It’s called, “Follow the Leader” and it’s pretty simple. You can do it inside or out, with a couple of friends or many. First you pick a leader among the group. The objective is [...]

Follow the Leader2019-08-29T14:59:32-04:00