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Frequently asked questions about counseling 


Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling -How do I get started and find a good counselor? The best way to start the process is to call our main office at 616-772-1733, and let us know you’d like to talk to someone about starting counseling. We have intake coordinators ready to connect [...]

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On Forgiveness (Of Self and Others)


On Forgiveness (Of Self and Others) The basic reason for forgiveness is that God says to do so. There’s nothing fair in having to forgive abuse, because there was no excuse for the abuse. Forgiveness requires a supernatural act and is only possible when God accomplishes it through you, rather [...]

On Forgiveness (Of Self and Others)2019-08-29T14:59:29-04:00

Medications: Do They Help?


Medications: Do They Help? by Peter Newhouse, PhD, LMSW, ACSW To Take Or Not To Take Taking medications to help deal with the pain one is experiencing is an important and personal decision. We want everyone who is considering medications to ponder their options carefully in order to make an [...]

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Adult Depression


Adult Depression by Peter Newhouse, PhD, LMSW, ACSW Symptoms Depression is a very real and serious condition. Anyone can suffer from it. Nearly 20.9 million Americans suffer from some form of depression each year. Depression is often triggered by: Divorce, death of a family member, loss of job, or serious [...]

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Adult Anger


Anger by Peter Newhouse, PhD, LMSW, ACSW Where Anger Comes From Anger is a natural, biochemical reaction that happens in all humans. While this emotion can help protect and defend us in certain instances (i.e., when we are under attack), it can also become destructive through violence, rage, and abuse. [...]

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Adult Anxiety


Adult Anxiety by Peter Newhouse, PhD, LMSW, ACSW Symptoms & Diagnosis Anxiety is an uncomfortable, overwhelming feeling that creates several physical, mental, and behavioral problems often called stress, fear, worry, or panic. About 25-40 million Americans have experienced anxiety to some extent. Thirty percent of Americans will suffer from an anxiety [...]

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Sharing a Mountain Top with your Spouse


Sharing A Mountain Top With Your Spouse I’ve been on several mission trips with my church or related to my work. My wife has been able to accompany me on some trips. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to other countries and experience different cultures while helping to implement life-changing [...]

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Blind Leading the Blind


Recently, my family and I were in the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica flying home after spending 10 gorgeous, relaxing days in the sun.  As we stood in line to get our tickets, I began to feel irritated with how slow the line was moving.  While we were standing there, we overheard people toward [...]

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The Office


Just like you don’t get to pick your own family members, you often don’t get to pick who you work with which can sometimes be a problem. There are varied personalities in any company and learning to mesh and get along in order to accomplish a greater purpose is not always easy. Certainly organizations try [...]

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Proper Pronouns


She pulls out of the driveway in the SUV heading out to do the weekly grocery shopping for the family. Her husband stands in front of the picture window watching her drive down the road. The smile fades from his face. He’s already got his cell phone in his hand as he’s talking to a [...]

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