Be True To Each Other

If you watch any movies or TV sitcoms today or you regularly peruse through media website of any kind, you know that having a traditional marriage and being faithful to your spouse is not quite the “in” thing. It’s not high on the “what’s hot in Hollywood” list.

In fact, many sitcoms and movies for that matter, tend to make an absolute mockery of anyone who would try to be faithful to their spouse. A traditional marriage is often portrayed as boring, tired, and hardly worth the effort. Instead, TV shows mesmerize and overwhelm us with titillating stories of people who are not only having fantasies, but living those fantasies out by cheating on their spouse. And people write it off and say it’s all just entertainment. But with the repetition of these images and thoughts bombarding our minds on a daily basis, we can easily begin to think that maybe it is okay.

Let me help you take one simple, yet gigantic step back from the saturated message of the media and tell you what I think. I, for one, still believe when a couple is true to each other and stands up for marriage, they give their family and those around them a great and awesome gift.  It may not be the cool thing, and sadly not the popular thing either, but it is the thing that gives security and peace to a home. A solid base found in a faithful marriage is what gives a family a fighting chance in today’s world and helps everybody win at home.


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