Chase Hoekwater, MA, LLPC 

Chase is a graduate of Calvin College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology. He completed his master’s degree in counseling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary with a focus in family and youth counseling.

Chase has spent many hours with youth in the middle and high school levels in his role as a church youth group leader and educator as well as a care provider in the adolescent unit at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services. He has enjoyed learning what makes each individual “tick” and has seen first-hand the many challenges that children and teens face, including peer-pressure, anxiety, and doubt. Chase also enjoys sharing in the fun and joys that are experienced by this particular age group and knows the importance of sharing a good laugh.

Chase understands that pain, sadness, and grief are feelings that show up at some point in everyone’s life, and with so much other stress going on during childhood and adolescence, it can often feel unbearable. His hope is to join you through this process, to bring comfort and hope, to let you know you don’t have to go through it alone, and most importantly, to show and share Christ’s love through your life journey.