Peter Newhouse, PhD, LMSW, ACSW

Dr. Peter is the Director of Winning At Home’s Family Wellness Center and has been serving in the counseling field for almost 25 years. Utilizing his broad range of expertise in private practice and leadership development, Peter offers sound principles for everyday living that guide people toward healing outcomes. As an expert in the field of human relations, he enjoys providing practical solutions for communication/conflict management, depression, anxiety, anger management, pastoral/missionary care, marriage/premarital counseling, and a variety of other relationship topics. He seeks to help people know themselves and embrace who God designed them to be.

Peter developed the Winning At Home Corporate Wellness Program, which gave him and other clinical staff the opportunity to be on-site at several local businesses. He helps direct organizations to maximize productivity and corporate function. Using his expertise, Peter provides management/employee trainings, team building exercises, counseling services, crisis management, and a variety of other services. He brings a unique perspective to the business world through working in both nonprofit and for-profit settings. His desire is to equip leaders so that they have a greater impact on their world.

Peter has also developed and designed over 30 partner relationships with local businesses and churches. These relationships allow organizations to work within their core areas of competency while allowing Family Wellness counselors to journey with those who are referred.

Peter’s passion for impacting diverse people groups around the world has led him to travel to many countries. He counsels and speaks in a wide variety of international settings on topics that include successful leadership, personal growth, relationships, parenting, and spirituality.

Peter has been married to his wife, Shawn, for nearly 26 years. They enjoy learning and traveling together. They also enjoy being a part of their adult children’s lives as they journey through each stage.