Our New Brand

Same Mission, New Look

If you’ve connected with WAH, you’ve seen “the hands.” The hands, our brand look since 1995, represent our mission to serve families well. The image includes two adult hands to represent a married couple and two small hands to represent kids at home.

Recently, we felt like it was time to refresh our iconic look. We understand WAH experienced a lot of transition since we started. The scope and depth of our reach is expanding to multiple generations and locations. Even so, our commitment to serving families’ mental, emotional and spiritual health needs remains steadfast.
This year, Dan Seaborn worked with our creative team to develop a new look for our WAH logo. After feedback from our staff and multiple iterations, here’s where we landed:

If you look carefully, you’ll see a “W” in the fingers and a home at the base of the hand’s palm. For us, this logo is loaded with meaning.

It calls us to…

…Pause in the midst of crisis.

Clients often come to WAH because life has become unmanageable. When people come to us in crisis, we have the honor of showing them God is inviting them to pause in the midst of their crisis. Once they pause and acknowledge that their past thoughts or habits are insufficient for the challenge at hand, they can open themselves up to God’s truth, hope and love.

…Remember in the midst of concern.

Seeing the house in the hand helps us remember that no matter what we’re anxious about, God is holding our homes in his hand. God is holding our spouses, sustaining our kids, seeing our parents, loving our grandkids. Remembering God’s goodness and sovereignty in the face of our very real concerns anchors us in His perfect peace.

…Believe In the midst of chaos.

If God is inviting us to pause and remember, He also invites us to believe for the future. We pause to reflect on our past, we remember to center us in our present and we believe to take a simple, bold step into the future. To believe is to trust and obey God’s voice at every juncture of our journeys.

Moving forward to meet current needs


Our first look was focused on kids and young families. The new brand declares that that while serving children is still a key emphasis for us, we exist to serve kids, teens, adults and seniors.


We wanted a look that reflects our knowledge, wisdom and experience. This look allows us to connect with both families and the corporate clients our wellness team serves with weekly on-site visits.


This streamlined brand approach helps us stand out in a world filled with visual clutter. A single, simple brand identity helps us clearly communicate our focus.