Celebrate Your Mom


Celebrate Your Mom One of the reasons you are reading this article is because of your mother. I don’t necessarily mean that she influenced your love of reading, although maybe she did, but she gave birth to you and therefore you exist. For that reason alone, you can give thanks. Beyond that, it might [...]

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Studies have concluded that people juggle an average of 50,000 thoughts a day. No wonder it’s so easy to become overloaded! The car didn’t start this morning. That thought occupies one little corner of your mind. Your boss is upset with you but you don’t know why. Another corner fills up. Your spouse calls [...]


On Blended Families


On Blended Families - Excerpts from Parenting with Grace and Truth, by Dan Seaborn “Families come in all different shapes and sizes. There are single-parent families, stepfamilies, and two-parent families. There are families where children are being raised by grandparents, as well as families where all or some of the children are adopted” (pg. [...]

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The Light of the World


Have you ever experienced silence from a person? Something happens and your spouse, child, sibling, parent, or friend just stops talking to you. It’s not a good feeling. Or think about that time you were waiting to hear from someone you love who was late or didn’t show up. They weren’t answering your texts or [...]

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Take the Long Way Home


Certainly it might seem that the quickest path is the straightest line between two points but have you ever noticed or wondered whether the quickest path is the best path? When was the last time you ever took the long way home? Nine times out of ten, any of us would opt for a short [...]

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Unequally Yoked


They stand nearly six feet or 18 hands and have long, thick necks, sloping shoulders, muscular hindquarters and hooves the size of frying pans. The ones most of us are familiar with are brown with white legs and some white on their stomachs. Most of us have seen them only on television, pulling a Budweiser [...]

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One Home at a Time


Recently a young girl, 15 or so, came up to me after I had spoken at an event and asked if she could give me a hug. I said sure, but then I asked her what I had done to deserve this honor. With tears glistening in the corners of her eyes, she said, “Winning [...]

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Offense or Defense?


Many people look forward to the fall because of the college football season. For me, I’m mad about March. Most people, who know me, know why. I love basketball and it’s the ideal month for basketball fans. If you aren’t aware, it’s the month of college basketball finals. I really enjoy a variety of sports, [...]

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We Just Assumed


Some of the assumptions people make are based on what they perceive to be an inherent right. For example, if you purchase a ticket to a baseball game, you assume there will be a game to watch. If you buy a product from the store, you assume it’s going to work. If you get some [...]

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The (Real) Christmas Story


Don’t let the title fool you. This article isn’t about BB guns, Chinese food, or someone’s tongue getting stuck on a metal pole. I’d like to talk about the real Christmas story. The one about Jesus. The story of Mary and Joseph is incredible for a number of reasons. For example, consider how Mary finds [...]

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