Value Added


When you walk into a fast food restaurant and approach the counter, the server will ask what you want to order. If you’re not sure, you’ll pause for a minute and then perhaps order a sandwich and a drink. The server will inevitably ask whether you want to add fries for, let’s say, an additional [...]

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Masters of Illusion


When I drive all across America, I enjoy viewing the scenery as I travel. Inevitably as I motor through various areas, I will typically happen upon an absolutely beautiful looking piece of land. I usually find one no matter where I’m driving. It’s often on the side of the road and the ground is usually [...]

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WWGD—no I’m not starting a new bracelet campaign for “What Would God Do?” What I mean is “What Would Grandpa Do?” I've been thinking lately about a few things that I do that would make my grandpa, if he was living, probably want to bop me over the head with a stick. I had a [...]


Middle Gauge is Middle Age


There are several gauges in your car where it’s perfectly fine to have the needle rest right in the middle. Your gas gauge is one of them, as is the gauge that registers whether your engine is too hot or too cold. On this gauge, there is basically an H on one end and a [...]

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Time to be Nosy


Recently I heard about a new way for singles to connect. It smells kind of fishy. Well, that all depends on which bag you choose. I’m referring to Pheromone Parties. These are events where singles gather and smell each other to determine compatibility. They don’t just walk over and offer an armpit, they open a [...]

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Rest is Best


I just ran into a friend who informed me that one of his daughters is really sick. He recognizes that part of the problem is she’s so run down. This family, like my family, is one that stays on the go.  In a world with all kinds of equipment and gadgets that are supposed to [...]

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Traditions and Treasures


Years ago, a glove sold for $48,000. Just one glove. It’s made of spandex and hand-sewn crystals and while it might be sparkling, the material is not worth that much money.  The fact that it was worn by Michael Jackson during a concert in Australia is what made it valuable to someone. I think the [...]

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The Joy of PMS


The Joy of PMS Before you assume you know where I’m going with this article, let me tell you it has nothing to do with bloating, cramping, irritability or any other less-than-pleasant affects women deal with on a regular basis. If you want to know more about that, I suggest [...]

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You Cheapskate!


You Cheapskate! Many people are familiar with the term, “living beyond your means.” It is defined as spending more money than you earn. Many people subscribe to this lifestyle. According to Jeff Yeager, author of, “The Cheapskates Next Door,” he claims that total consumer debt grew nearly eight times in [...]

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WAH Partners with Kids Hope


Two Zeeland-based nonprofit organizations, Winning At Home and KIDS HOPE USA, signed a partnership agreement that will impact children throughout West Michigan and across the country. Starting January 1, Winning At Home’s team of child psychologists and counselors will support KIDS HOPE USA’s nearly 14,000 mentors who meet with children. The organizations’ combined effort will [...]

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