Banking On Thanking A couple of times a year I speak openly about the role faith plays in my life. It encourages me to give thanks continuously for my wife, my children, the organization I’m blessed to lead and first and foremost my relationship with Jesus Christ. Without him, the [...]

BANKING ON THANKING2017-07-11T11:32:36-04:00

Holidays with Family


Holidays with Family With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be gathering with family in the next couple of weeks. These times can definitely be sweet as we are reunited with people we don’t see as often as we’d like, but they can be overwhelming as [...]

Holidays with Family2017-10-27T13:13:44-04:00

Rising Above


Some stand two or three stories high. They are typically found in states where there are a number of trees and mountains. People can actually sleep in some of them or walk around. Give up? It’s a fire tower. Many of these towers were built with little cabins on top allowing someone to live in [...]

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Offense or Defense?


Many people look forward to the fall because of the college football season. For me, I’m mad about March. Most people, who know me, know why. I love basketball and it’s the ideal month for basketball fans. If you aren’t aware, it’s the month of college basketball finals. I really enjoy a variety of sports, [...]

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We Just Assumed


Some of the assumptions people make are based on what they perceive to be an inherent right. For example, if you purchase a ticket to a baseball game, you assume there will be a game to watch. If you buy a product from the store, you assume it’s going to work. If you get some [...]

We Just Assumed2016-10-12T15:04:31-04:00

Driving the Highway of Life


Driving the Highway of Life When you drive down the highway, inevitably you’ll pass a car on the side of the road near or in the ditch. Someone’s wiping sweat from their brow as they work to replace a flat tire. A person is shivering in the cold while [...]

Driving the Highway of Life2017-06-22T16:42:21-04:00

Cake It Off


In the many photos I saw, her faced was lined with wrinkles, her hair was always hidden under a hat, and she never wore makeup. Yet she is one of the most beautiful women I never met. Her life’s work is a testimony to her character and garnered her more attention, the right kind of [...]

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With the turning of a new season, many of us will make plans to turn over a new leaf or plant a new flower. We’ll pledge to eat more healthily, exercise more often, pick up a hobby, keep the garage clean, and finally finish that project in the corner. Tired of the status quo, clutter, [...]

NEW LEAF, NEW LIFE?2016-10-12T15:04:35-04:00

Worry Less, Stress Less


Are you a worrywart? This type of wart has nothing to do with the virus that can appear as hard, callous bumps on your hands and feet. But worrywarts do originate from a virus of a different kind. It’s contagious and usually spreads primarily among family members. Rarely does a worrier have influence or branch [...]

Worry Less, Stress Less2016-10-12T15:04:38-04:00

The (Real) Christmas Story


Don’t let the title fool you. This article isn’t about BB guns, Chinese food, or someone’s tongue getting stuck on a metal pole. I’d like to talk about the real Christmas story. The one about Jesus. The story of Mary and Joseph is incredible for a number of reasons. For example, consider how Mary finds [...]

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