Don’t Worry


Don't Worry Are you a worrywart? The symptoms include things like taking issues that are small and blowing them up to be much bigger than necessary. It involves not sleeping because you stay up at night thinking about the issues and letting them create stress in your life. I come by worrying naturally. My [...]

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I Do or No Clue


I Do or No Clue A woman in Canada recently called off her wedding just days before it was to happen because she and her husband couldn’t afford it. Their dream wedding amounted to about $45,000 in U.S. dollars. You would think they would have figured out months before the wedding that they couldn’t [...]

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A Man and Menopause


A Man and Menopause In my experience, women can sometimes get upset about a man trying to address issues that only females experience. But since the beginning of the word menopause includes “men,” I wanted to try. I’m no expert on the subject, but even though only women go through it, I know menopause [...]

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Come Clean


Come Clean When it comes to household chores, men are now putting down the remote and picking up a broom. They are putting away stereotypes along with dishes. According to a study conducted in 2010 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, husbands are racking up nearly the same amount of time completing household chores [...]

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Marriage At Risk: Asking Questions


Marriage At Risk: Asking Questions For the last couple weeks, we’ve been talking about marriages at risk, highlighting the kinds of behavior that can suggest weak spots in a relationship between a husband and wife. In order to assess the risks, we’ve discussed, you need to ask two sets of questions here: Problem Questions [...]

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Marriage At Risk: Thinking Me


Marriage At Risk: Thinking Me Keeping secrets and looking outside your marriage for fulfillment are two risks for a marriage that we have discussed. The third type of warning sign that husbands and wives can be on the lookout for in their relationship comes in different shapes and sizes, but there’s always a common [...]

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Marriage At Risk- Looking Outside


Marriage At Risk- Looking Outside There are certain patterns that show up in marriages at risk. This week, we’re going to talk about something as destructive as keeping secrets: when spouses look for fulfillment outside their relationship. This ‘fulfillment’ I’m talking about can be a number of things, but usually it shows up as [...]

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The Only Choice


The Only Choice Plain and simple, there isn’t much fun in failing. I thought about this the other day after I talked with a guy (we’ll call him “Dave”) about his first marriage. The relationship had failed. Bridges were burned, with hurts and misunderstandings exchanged on both sides. What had started out as love [...]

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Step Back


Step Back Flip on the television for a half hour and unless you’re watching cartoons, you’re likely to see footage of a war, a natural disaster, a human catastrophe, or the latest celebrity’s fall from grace. Click onto a news website and you’ll see mudslinging all over the headlines while [...]

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