Stay Afloat


Stay Afloat Have you ever been swimming in a big lake and a strong current gets a hold of you and you panic for a moment because you lost sight of the shoreline? Well maybe your marriage is in the middle of a heavy current right now and you’ve lost [...]

Stay Afloat2018-02-23T13:01:18-04:00

Don’t Bail


Don't Bail I drove through one of those big puddles recently that appear after an extremely heavy rain. As I did, I felt at one point that the road had all but disappeared—like my car was floating along. Consider how this scenario can be like marriage. There may be times [...]

Don’t Bail2018-02-23T12:59:39-04:00

Do Less Not More


Do Less, Not More You’re hosting a party in your home and you’ve invited Jessica and her husband, Eric, whom you’ve known since college. You hesitated to include them because their behavior is often rude toward each other. You just now heard Jessica refer to Eric as an idiot—loud enough [...]

Do Less Not More2018-02-02T12:09:29-04:00

Breaking Through


Breaking Through Recently my wife and I had a disagreement over something that was absolutely silly. It escalated and went on for a day or so where we just seemed to stay sideways with each other. It wasn’t really a yelling match, it was more of a stay-on-your-own turf and [...]

Breaking Through2018-01-11T15:53:41-04:00

Signs of Significance


Signs of Significance Digital billboards are making their way into the world. Although old-fashioned billboards still dominate most major highways and thoroughfares, digital billboards can be seen locally along Interstate 196 near Holland and on U.S. 131 in Grand Rapids. They are very colorful and bright, but depending on what [...]

Signs of Significance2017-10-27T13:14:52-04:00

That Place


That Place If you’ve ever been part of a jury or watched proceedings on a TV drama series, you may have witnessed or participated in a jury that was sequestered. In very public or trials involving celebrities, the jury is sequestered due to the high profile nature of the case. [...]

That Place2017-10-03T16:23:56-04:00

We’ve Got it Backwards


We’ve Got It Backwards Marriage is supposed to be permanent and parenting is supposed to be temporary. It seems as though our society has it backwards. It feels like we are slipping into a thought pattern of thinking marriage is temporary and parenting lasts forever as we see more children [...]

We’ve Got it Backwards2017-09-25T12:32:05-04:00

Locked In


Locked In The hairstyle is reminiscent of the days before the Internet. A reflection of the Madonna material girl era from the 80’s combined with a lack of imagination from the 50’s. It’s not current or trendy, and the woman who wears it seems locked into believing it’s the only [...]

Locked In2017-09-06T15:14:02-04:00

The Smell of Youth


The Smell Of Youth I spoke with my wife recently about an observation I have made that we don’t kiss as much as we use too. I even wrote an article about it because she replied the reason we didn’t was my breath wasn’t as fresh as it used to [...]

The Smell of Youth2017-09-06T15:12:58-04:00