Everyone Grows Old


Everyone Grows Old Sometimes people get crusty as they age. You have to be careful to pick your battles when dealing with problems associated with old age and it can sometimes stink. Not everyone grows old the same way but everyone will grow old. It’s part of the package. As your parents move into [...]

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How to Adult


How to Adult I read about a high school in Shepherdsville, Kentucky who recently held an “Adulting Day” for their seniors. It was a day set aside for seniors to come and learn how to cook when they get to college, change a tire and pay bills. Many parents commenting on the article praised [...]

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Learn to Lean


Learn to Lean Here we are at the end of another year. I remember a time when the year 2020 seemed so far away, and now, we are nearly there! There is a natural inclination at the end of every year to reflect back on what we’ve accomplished, what we didn’t get done, what [...]

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Looking Out for Children


Looking Out for Children More than a few people in the world have left their money to a pet when they died. According to laws in the United States, however, you cannot leave money directly to pets, because they lack the capacity to acquire and hold property. You would think we could figure that [...]

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It’s Messy, but Worth It


It's Messy, but Worth It Diaper rash is itchy and painful for babies. That’s why manufacturers created a cream that could form a protective layer on a baby’s skin to soothe and relieve this type of skin irritation while keeping moisture away from their body. That cream has to be pretty thick in order [...]

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Take Notice


Take Notice After several of my children asked me on different occasions if I was unhappy, when I wasn’t, I started thinking about why. Like most parents, I wanted my children to have happy thoughts when we get together to talk. Therefore, I started taking notice of how I deliver my messages. What’s my [...]

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A Different Lens


A Different Lens? Father’s Day can bring a mix of different emotions for people. Some people will celebrate the great relationship they have with their dad, while others will stand perplexed in front of the greeting card display knowing their dad doesn’t fit into a Hallmark® description. There are those who wish they had [...]

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Share a Moment


Share a Moment Teens today are speaking a different language than their parents. Much of it was developed through texting and snap-chatting. It’s not really new for teens to use words their parents can’t understand. It’s been around for generations. Of course, this makes it more difficult for parents to communicate with their children. [...]

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Celebrate Your Mom


Celebrate Your Mom One of the reasons you are reading this article is because of your mother. I don’t necessarily mean that she influenced your love of reading, although maybe she did, but she gave birth to you and therefore you exist. For that reason alone, you can give thanks. Beyond that, it might [...]

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Mama Mia!


Mama Mia! I watched a woman drive her van into the parking lot of the local grocery store. I was there waiting in the car for my wife to come out and this lady pulled into the spot in front of me. She opened the driver’s side door slowly as [...]

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