Parent Night

At the beginning of every school year, there’s usually an open house for parents at some point within the first few weeks. It’s a chance for parents to meet their children’s teachers and learn about their expectations for the year. There are many parents who breeze right through those sessions [...]

Locked In

The hairstyle is reminiscent of the days before the Internet. A reflection of the Madonna material girl era from the 80’s combined with a lack of imagination from the 50’s. It’s not current or trendy, and the woman who wears it seems locked into believing it’s the only style for [...]

Good, Selfish Parenting

Years ago a guy sat in my office and called me selfish because I have four kids. He was ashamed of me, he said, because I was so egocentric that I had gone and tried to create myself all over again, four times. Little versions of me, he insinuated, each [...]

Dying for Attention

Dying for Attention Dan Seaborn The Center for Disease Control listed suicide as the tenth leading cause of death among people of all ages. Today, just among teens, it’s the third leading cause of death. Proof of this can be found in many true stories but one that I remember [...]

Embrace Parenting

I recently watched a TV segment called, “You Can Love Your Children but Hate Parenting.” It was based on an article that appeared in New York magazine about this concept of loving your children but not parenting. I think there is some truth in that statement, even though hate is [...]

Hand-Me Down Hats and Heritage

Old felt hats, two of them. One is perched high on a shelf at home and I have the other on proud display in my office. They’re dress hats, dark and classy—the kind that might make kids today think of old mobster movies. But when I look at those hats, [...]

No Fame in Name

A study recently revealed that some parents are regretting the names they’ve given their children.  It’s not the parents of little Rebecca, Suzie, or Jason that are fretting, but the parents of Boulevard and Wmfree (pronounced OOM-fre, the German variation of Humphrey—top ten baby name in 2009) who are rethinking [...]

Are Those My Kids?

Eight-month-old Quentin is up before the break of dawn on most days. Once he’s fed, he might go back to sleep for an hour, but then it’s time for his sister Lucy, who is 7, to get up for school.  Lucy’s mom painstakingly chooses an outfit for her, but it’s [...]

Surf Water Only!

Teenagers don’t always make the best decisions. In fact, sometimes their choices are deadly. Case in point is the young man who, several years ago, lost his life car surfing. This young man died as a result of surfing on the hood of a car. Of course, he thought it [...]

Walk in Single File

There’s a program that began here in Holland, but now exists across the nation. It’s called Kids Hope USA. It’s a great organization that pairs adult mentors with at-risk children and gives them guidance in a variety of areas. A friend of mine is a mentor in this program, and [...]