Good, Selfish Parenting


Good, Selfish Parenting Years ago a guy sat in my office and called me selfish because I have four kids. He was ashamed of me, he said, because I was so egocentric that I had gone and tried to create myself all over again, four times. Little versions of me, [...]

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Perfect Parenting


Perfect Parenting Before my first child was even out of the womb, I felt comfortable that I had parenting figured out. I was dead serious that I was going to be a perfect parent.  My kids were not going to be the ones running around in a grocery store upset [...]

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Locked In


Locked In The hairstyle is reminiscent of the days before the Internet. A reflection of the Madonna material girl era from the 80’s combined with a lack of imagination from the 50’s. It’s not current or trendy, and the woman who wears it seems locked into believing it’s the only [...]

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Covering For Kids Isn’t Love


Covering For Kids Isn’t Love It wasn’t just because he was their kid. The parents were on their son’s side in the disagreement because that was the right side to be on. He was the one who was only ten percent to blame, while the other guy—an adult authority figure [...]

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How (& Why) To Have Empathy For Your Children And Teens


How (& Why) To Have Empathy For Your Children And Teens “What lingers from a parent’s individual past, unresolved or incomplete, often becomes part of his or her irrational parenting.” – Virginia Satir Sometimes you will have a reason to be angry, disappointed, and even shocked by the circumstances your [...]

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How To Teach Your Children About Sex


How To Teach Your Children About Sex “Most children want their parents to talk about it; most parents dread it. Worse, some parents leave their kids to discover what they can from friends, movies, books, tv, and the Internet. Never mind that the “facts” they pick up from those sources [...]

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On Disciplining Kids


On Disciplining Kids"To be successful, we have to set clear expectations for our kids to follow. They need to understand that if they participate in a certain kind of misbehavior, they will be punished accordingly. If we don’t follow through with our stated consequences, we begin to relinquish control; when that [...]

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Expect the Unexpected


Expect the Unexpected A commercial has been airing lately that infers how people should expect the unexpected— in a good way! One commercial shows the leader of a rock band, that’s apparently playing in a small bar in a very small town, announcing that their lead guitarist is a no-show. [...]

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Am I Pretty or Ugly?


Am I Pretty or Ugly? There is nothing more beautiful than a confident person. Everybody likes to be around them and in some way, everyone feels a little more hopeful. This is compared to hanging out with a pessimist who sees no silver lining and thinks every glass is half [...]

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Here Comes the Judge


Here Comes The Judge How far would you go to protect your children? If you suspected your children were taking or somehow involved with drugs, would you hire a dog to help you sniff out the truth? Some parents are taking that step in order to shield their children from [...]

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