Not an Option

Once couples let the thought of divorce into their minds or consider it as an option, the desire to fight for their relationship starts to weaken. It’s important to agree to not even say the word in your household. And don’t ever use the word “divorce” as a threat to [...]

Too Late?

There’s nothing more frustrating in marriage than when one spouse is consistently on time and the other spouse is consistently late. Being continually late shows a lack of respect for your spouse and their time. If you are the spouse that is always late, what can you do to change [...]

Stay Patient

Newly-married couples face different challenges than those couples who have been married for a long time. There are a number of things to get used to – sleeping with someone, uncommon eating behaviors, or unusual housekeeping practices. Be patient with each other as you learn to live together. What adjustment [...]

Change Your Thinking

When you think of your spouse, do you naturally tend to drift toward their greatest attributes or do you get stuck in the rut of mulling over their weaknesses? If you’re focusing on their faults, it’s time to change your thinking. What fault do you have that you can begin [...]

Try Something New

What’s something you can do together that you’ve either never done before or it’s been a long time since you’ve done it? To keep your relationship fresh, you should keep introducing new ideas. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the thrill of new experiences together. How could doing something new [...]

Hug More

How often do you hug your spouse just for the sake of hugging and for no other reason?  Hugs build trust and a sense of safety, which can help open up communication. Hugs can also elevate moods and create happiness. In this hectic world, hugs can be a quick and [...]

Pray Together

Praying daily with your spouse is a very intimate act that can bring you closer together. Start out with just one prayer each and then increase as you feel led. This is a time to focus on praying for each other and for your marriage, not for other people. Praying [...]

Go Back to the Start

When you first met your spouse and got to know them, you learned a little about how to love them. If you’ve been negligent in loving them lately, go back to where you started and begin with what you know. If you never act, things never change. Why do you [...]


Everybody is busy these days. What can you do to try to relieve your spouse of something in their schedule so that they can relax and spend more time with you? Your spouse will greatly appreciate your sensitivity to their schedule and responsibility load, and the much-needed rest will renew [...]

Change it Up!

Is your sex life bordering on routine or even boring? If so, think of creative ways to change things up. Then, if you are both comfortable with your ideas, you should move forward. Intimacy is an important part of a marital relationship. Where does intimacy fall within your priorities?