Celebrate Your Mom

One of the reasons you are reading this article is because of your mother. I don’t necessarily mean that she influenced your love of reading, although maybe she did, but she gave birth to you and therefore you exist. For that reason alone, you can give thanks.

Beyond that, it might be tough for you to appreciate your mom depending on your relationship.  The fact of the matter is just because a woman gives birth doesn’t make her a good mother and just because a woman doesn’t give birth, doesn’t mean she can’t be a great mom.

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate this important woman in your life, although it may not be a happy occasion for everyone. Several factors may influence whether this day brings happiness or heartache. Perhaps the recent death of a mom brings sadness or a fight with her brings frustration. It could be your mother was never around or if she was physically there, she wasn’t emotionally available.  What I’m saying is that being a mom takes more than just giving birth. The nurture and care of a young life involves many skills and emotions that not all moms seem to grasp or cultivate.

On the flip side, there are women who have never given birth but are considered great mothers.  Of course, Mother Theresa comes to mind. She never married or had children, but she took care of people as though she had given birth to them.

I love the simplicity of the expression, “The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”  I think it means we are all eternally indebted to the lady we call mom. Whoever that is for you, be sure to celebrate her, not just on Mother’s Day but every day.