Coaching is a strategic and focused relationship that encourages people towards a healthy rhythm of reflection and action—encouraging individuals, couples or teams in areas where they may feel stuck, circling or overwhelmed.

Through coaching, you’ll get the guidance you’re looking for along with the assurance and perspective you need in order to clarify your purpose in life and become the flourishing person you’re meant to be.

Everyone is a candidate for coaching. We have experience coaching pastors, corporate leaders, couples, stay-at-home moms, college students and various others in a wide variety of professional and personal vocations such as ministry, business start-ups, non-profit leadership, marriage, parenting and education.

“Are you ready to go from “frustratingly stuck” to “sustainably moving” by active listening, insightful questions, guided reflection, as well as resource and action-planning?

Our Coaching Services

One-on-One Coaching

We help people who feel stuck, side-tracked, or are in need of an extra outside push to experience a shift in focus or needed change in their life. 

Marriage Coaching

Designed to maximize your marriage by coaching you around areas where you’ve experienced a level of drift, and help you identify and then pursue and attain growth goals that are mutually desirable.

Group or Team Coaching 

Some of the most effective growth and movement takes place when people travel as a community, learning together to pursue greater impact and team/group/family health. 

Corporate Coaching

Our aim for corporate coaching is to provide the necessary space for personal development so your employees operate at their absolute highest capacity on the job and at home. 

Sustainable Leadership

We take a strategic approach in helping you develop or regain a healthy personal foundation for leadership. We can help you identify unnecessary distractions and hurdles. Eliminate overwhelm. Identify and navigate organizational and personal challenges and develop a sustainable rule of life.

Coaching Team 

Our coaches are all certified and experienced and have a passion for helping people get to where they want to go in their life.

Rates and Packages 

We have single session rates available as well as packages. Call us for more information so that we can review all the options and get you the help you need.

Coaching Questions

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What’s the difference between coaching and counseling?

While both are helpful resources for personal wellness, coaching focuses on strategic, forward-moving action to reach individual and team potential and goals while counseling focuses on an individual’s overall peace of mind by addressing past challenges and hurts that affect one’s current mental and emotional health.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Simply put, everyone! No matter your vocation, life-season or daily responsibilities, we all need a little extra motivation, perspective or support to keep moving forward from time to time.

What happens during a coaching session?

Coaching sessions generally involve an interactive relationship of open, meaningful questions by the coach surrounding the topic or focus the client wishes to discuss—all with the purpose of reaching deeper understanding and clarity towards informed and meaningful client action steps.

How long is a coaching session?

Winning at Home offers 60-minute and 90-minute coaching sessions depending on client preference.  We also offer 3, 5 or 8 session packages as a helpful way to establish rhythm and build momentum.

How do I prepare for a coaching session?

While not required, we find that coaching sessions are most effective when a client has spent time prior to session considering what specifically they wish to talk about in the session. 

Does my insurance cover coaching?

Because coaching does not specifically treat areas of mental or physical health, it is not covered by insurance.

How are coaches trained and what are their qualifications?

All Winning at Home Coaches have received thorough training and certification from accredited programs of the International Coach Federation, the gold standard for coaching. All coaches adhere strictly to ICF best practices and code of ethics and are committed to ongoing training and personal development.

How often would I meet with a coach and overall, how many sessions should I expect?

Because the client is always in the driver’s seat in a partnership, the pace, rhythm and session length is all up to you.  You can opt for meeting on a session-by-session basis, or take advantage of diving into one of our 3,5 or 8-session packages.  And because everyone is different, we offer the choice of 60 or 90-minute sessions for you to choose from.

What are some of the reasons people meet with a coach?

Coaching is all about gaining clarity, shifting gears, developing momentum or engaging areas where one is stuck, circling or overwhelmed.  So whether you are in leadership, a parent or spouse or wish to discover and learn  more about who you are and how you operate best in this world, a coaching partnership would be a helpful fit.

Can coaches help marriages in crisis?

Absolutely!  Some of our coaches have been helping couples navigate marriage challenges and crisis points for years.  And they come with helpful tools for you to learn and use over and over again in your marriage.  Some topics include: Interpersonal Communication, Boundaries, Sexuality, Family Dynamics, Changing Life-Seasons and Transitions, Sudden Crisis or Grief, Developing a Marriage and Family Vision and Mission and more.

What can I expect from my coach(es)?

You can expect empathy, compassion and a loving partnership that pushes you beyond comfort to your potential.  Each coach commits to providing a faithful presence of empathetic and active listening, insightful question asking and strategic action planning.

What if my spouse is hesitant to engage with a coach along with me?

Because we understand that there can be hesitancy surrounding “getting help”, our coaches are prepared to provide an initial “jumpstart” conversation just to help potential clients get to know the coach and better understand the process to make sure it’s the best fit possible.

What outcomes can I expect when being coached?

We always say: In coaching, you get out what you put in. But as the client, if you come willing to engage with purpose, no matter the coaching focus, you will experience an output of greater clarity, focus and empowerment to set plans into motion.

Is there a coaching contract I need to sign before I’m coached?

All clients will be asked to read and sign a coaching agreement that will outline the terms and duration of the coaching partnership.  While this is a sign of the commitment of both client and coach, clients are always given the freedom to opt-out of the partnership under the rare circumstance that they are unsatisfied or find the coaching unhelpful to them.

Will a coach respect my beliefs and not try to push their agenda on me?

Yes.  While all of our coaches adhere to Winning at Home’s focus of providing Christ-centered care, we respect and honor the beliefs of all of our clients.

Who could I talk to if I want to make an appointment or have more questions about coaching?

If you’d like to make an appointment or talk with someone about your specific questions regarding coaching, you may call the Winning at Home office to talk with Brad, our Coaching Director or email him at

Can I be coached over the phone, online or face-to-face?

Because of the unique nature of coaching, we are able to provide in person, online or phone coaching world-wide.

Is a coaching relationship confidential?

Yes.  Our coaches adhere to the same level of confidentiality that any of our WAH counselors do, following HIPAA guidelines for client confidentiality and parental consent for clients under the age of 18.