Dave McGovern, MA LLC 



Areas of Focus:

• Depression/Anxiety
• Stress/Anger
• Spiritual/Faith Journey
• Identity/Self-Worth
• Marriage Relationships
• Life Transitions

Patient Ages:

• Adolescents
• Adults 

Dave is passionate about helping individuals, couples and families journey through brokenness, hurts, anxiety, depression and trauma. He encourages people to discover all that is good, beautiful and true about their story. Dave received his Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling as well as his Master’s in educational ministry from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Dave spent the past 12 years in the pastoral ministry, serving in churches as a family pastor, helping adolescents fall in love with Jesus and empowering parents.  

Dave believes that through Jesus, God is making all things new and putting broken things back together. He invites clients to live and reflect His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Dave believes in the wholistic care of mind, body and spirit. He loves integrating clinical techniques with spiritual formation to help individuals and couples grow. He looks forward to helping adolescents, emerging adults and couples make sense of the chaos and brokenness in their lives.  

Dave and his wife live in West Michigan with their three children and dog, Shaun Luke-Skywalker. They enjoy camping and being outdoors together.