Dave Horne


• Zeeland

Areas of Focus:

• Spiritual/Faith Journey
• Premarital/Marriage/Relationship Issues
• Leadership Challenges & Transitions
• Sex/Intimacy Issues
• Grief/Loss/Adjustment
• Identity/Self Worth
• LGBTQ and Gender Identity

Patient Ages:

• Adults
• Young Adults
• Corporate

Dave is a future-oriented, hope-filled, passionate leader who thrives in collaborative environments and has insight into how to bring the best out in others. He comes alive when investing locally and relationally to bring about long-term transformation. Dave loves to be a companion with others through listening, coaching, and encouragement so that they discover a deeper connection with God. His passion is about seeing people come alive and enjoy a deeper connection with their Creator. God is at work to draw people into a relationship with Himself and Dave’s greatest joy is to serve as a companion on that journey.

Dave has over 30 years of ministry experience as a pastor and missionary in many contexts and cultures. He is an ordained minister and holds a Master of Divinity degree. Dave is also quite comfortable connecting with persons from other faith traditions or with someone who may be in a season of doubt. He has personal experience with grief, pain, and disappointment. Places of struggle, times of transition, and moments of grief are fertile soil for personal transformation.

In his free time, Dave likes to read, hike, and go fast on his bike.