Duct Tape Families


Have you tried to fix a child’s toy or a kitchen utensil by conventional means only to have it break five minutes later? Do you remember the last time something broke and you didn’t have the right tools at the time to fix it? I’ve encountered both dilemmas and have turned to duct tape for fast, effective relief. I’ve used duct tape, just like you, for almost every problem in my life. I’ve sealed leaky containers, fixed an old broom, held the door closed, and even had some fun with people.

What if your family decides to apply the duct tape philosophy and stick together no matter what? There may be moments that you will feel like a boat that is springing leaks and you want to bail, but the duct tape mentality will help you stick on board. Other times, the whole family may feel disjointed. Or maybe someone is just tired, and it may require a whole lot of duct tape to keep everybody intact. Of course, I’m talking about relationships. If we could decide today that we’re going to stick together no matter what, I believe it would be a great benefit to our home and family life.

How do you get started? What are some stick-to-it principles for relationships that will help all of us? The first thing I recommend is to keep things fresh. Many times, in relationships people can easily fall into boring doldrums. The mundane can cause people to take each other for granted. We can counteract that by involving everyone in new activities. It could be walking around the neighborhood, playing a board game, or working together on a crossword puzzle. It could be agreeing to pitch in and help each other with chores.

The point is it doesn’t have to be expensive or an all-day event. If it brings everyone together it will help to strengthen the bond. Every now and then I have to put a fresh piece of duct tape on an old repair. Do the same thing with relationships and keep them fresh.

A “duct tape family” should also agree to be committed to continued growth throughout the year. Relationships are similar to flowers and plants in that they require time, attention, and nourishment in order to grow and thrive. You can’t just water a plant or flower once and expect it to bloom. Don’t just do this idea of freshness once, do it all year long. Keep growing and flowing, sticking together like a nice roll of duct tape.