Empty Your Pockets


Many people would say that the root of all evil is expectations, and not the love of money. We have grown up meeting the expectations of many different people—parents, siblings, spouses, children, teachers, bosses, and co-workers. And we have placed expectations on all of those same people, whether or not we recognized that we did. It’s just part of who we are as people. Even without trying, we go into many situations with expectations.

You go to a movie expecting it to be good, especially considering the cost of movie tickets. You go into marriage expecting that you and your spouse will be faithful. You expect your children to grow up to be good citizens. You expect that your co-workers will work as hard as you do. These seem like reasonable expectations.

Mandy Hale said, “When you release expectations, you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be.” That’s easier said than done.

Whether you’re on vacation or just muddling through an average day at home, expectations play a big role. In all situations, check that your expectations are realistic and that your response to how a scenario plays out is positive. Try to be grateful for everything and focus on what goes right. I expect that will help you win more often at home.