Finding “Your Thing”


If you’re an active person, then you’ve probably picked up a paddle and tried pickleball sometime within the last few years. Jane and I first started playing together a few years ago when it started to gain popularity in our area. That popularity just keeps on growing, and today, it can be hard to find an open court to play if the weather is nice. Jane and I love to play together, and we’ve introduced friends and family to the game as well. We even have some go-to couples who we enjoy playing with and against.

Whether or not you’ve actually played this game is not the point of this article. What I want to focus on is the importance of having some activity that you do with your spouse or your family that’s “your thing.” For Jane and I, right now, that’s pickleball. Over the years, different activities have all had their moments. Going on walks together is a longstanding activity that we’ve enjoyed. Golfing together has also been an activity that we’ve done regularly together for years. Right now, pickleball is our activity of choice. We love playing the game itself, but we also really love the time and competition together as well as the routine that guarantees we’ll be getting out of the house and heading to go do something with each other.

So, I want to ask you: Do you and your spouse or you and your family have something that’s “your thing?” As you can tell from the things I mentioned that Jane and I love to do together, these things don’t need to be huge, elaborate, expensive things. In fact, I think it’s better if they aren’t because you can only do European vacations on occasion. However, you can take a walk around your neighborhood almost anytime. The scale and scope of what you’re doing is less important than the fact that you’re doing it regularly and together.

Family walks are an option. Beach days, picnics, movie or game nights, bike rides, playing catch, date nights, hikes, museum visits, coffee dates, exploring a local big city, shopping trips, and many, many other options are too. Basically, anything that you and your family enjoy doing together can be “your thing.” These activities are important because they create bonding time and positive memories. They help remind everybody involved that you truly do enjoy spending time together. They also give you a little break from the normal flow of life and give you some time to enjoy yourselves.

So, to get started, go and enjoy that activity that’s “your thing” together. If you don’t know what that is yet, have a conversation with your family or look around online to find a fun event that’s coming to your area. Then, get out there and enjoy it together!