Winning At Home is moving forward in our Holland neighborhood, block by block!

Thank you for considering a donation to our Forward campaign.

In January of this year, we opened our new counseling center in the heart of the Holland community. This was in response to a recent study in Ottawa County that revealed the need for more mental health therapists in the area. Our hope is to offer counseling to everyone, especially those who need but can’t afford the cost of professional help.  

However, soon after opening, we had to close our lobbies for a short time, cancel grand opening celebrations and find creative ways to serve our clients in need and let them know we are here. While we have been able to open back up safely, we are seeking to still meet the financial needs of our clients and need your help.

But we can’t do it alone.

By donating to our Forward campaign, you can join with us and help continue the work we started. Your donation will help offset the costs of professional counseling and allow us to offer lower cost counseling to those in need. Our desire is to cover every block of the community starting within a one-mile radius of our building. For every $250 donation, we can fill in one block and continue to move outward until all blocks are covered.