It’s Messy, but Worth It

Diaper rash is itchy and painful for babies. That’s why manufacturers created a cream that could form a protective layer on a baby’s skin to soothe and relieve this type of skin irritation while keeping moisture away from their body. That cream has to be pretty thick in order to work. That’s why it wasn’t designed to be used on someone’s hair. It’s not a styling gel. Although someone needs to explain that to my friend’s two-year-old son who recently decided to empty half of a tube of diaper rash cream onto his four-year-old sister’s hair!

What a mess! And I thought about how the word messy kind of sums up what parenting can be like on many days. Cleaning up the mess is the key to maintaining your sanity. Water isn’t the only thing that’s going to remove the diaper rash cream out of her daughter’s hair. It’s also going to require time, energy, and a lot of patience.

The same is true for parenting. There’s not always an easy fix for all the challenging situations you are going to endure. My friend had to wash her daughter’s hair about ten times using two or three different solvents, but it eventually came clean. Faithful parents push through all circumstances. They don’t give up when it gets too hard. They may feel like they want to, but they don’t ever turn their back on the situation. Ignoring the mess or expecting someone else to clean it up, will only make it messier.

If you are facing a challenging moment with your teenager, press through. If you’ve got an infant keeping you up all night, press through. If you are dealing with a circumstance where there seems to be no end in sight, press through.

Just like diaper rash cream sticks to a baby’s skin and hair, be a parent who will stick with their children through all the messes. It will be worth it!