Just Because


I know that most of us enjoy celebrating significant events with the people in our lives who mean a lot to us. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are all days when we like to gather and focus on the people who are special to us. But I also want to encourage you to find ways to celebrate these meaningful relationships on ordinary days. In fact, I want to encourage everybody reading this to find a way to celebrate a loved one this week “just because.” 

Maybe that means you go out for a special dinner when there’s not a specific reason to celebrate. Or maybe you load up the car and go get ice cream with the family and just enjoy the time together. Maybe you plan some kind of outing that you know they’ll love, like the trampoline park or laser tag for the kids, or dancing or a date at the park with your partner. I don’t know what your thing will be, but that’s okay. You know these special people in your life far better than I do, so make sure you pick something that is tailored to their interests and their wants.

You don’t have to do something hugely expensive or over the top. The goal is not to impress other people with whatever you choose to do; the goal is to make your loved ones feel seen, appreciated, and celebrated. It might take you some time to come up with something you could do that would communicate those things, but I trust that you’ll be able to figure it out if you put some thought into it! 

My reason for recommending that we celebrate our loved ones this way is simple: It’s easy to get busy with life and responsibilities and to unintentionally take our loved ones for granted. You see what I mean by that, right? When we add up all of the things competing for our time and attention, it’s easy to see how that busyness could have us missing out on appreciating our loved ones. Between work, kids’ schedules, cooking, cleaning, yard work, social lives, and dealing with whatever new thing just jumped to the top of our “urgent” list, it’s easy to get into a routine where we’re basically going through the motions until we go to sleep so that we can get up and do it all over again the next morning. 

But by slowing down and spending intentional time together and to appreciate the people we care about, we’re putting our priorities back into the order that we actually want them to be in! Because we do most of the things that are eating up so much of our time for our families, don’t we? That is what makes it especially sad that so much of that stuff is what keeps us from spending much meaningful time with our families. 

Now, I know that there are a lot of things that just need to be done every day in order for life to keep going relatively smoothly for us. I’m not saying that it’s time to take a drastic step right now to reorient everything. I’m saying it’s time to take a small step to make sure the people we love know just how much they mean to us. When we let the people we care about know that we see, value, and appreciate them, we’ll be winning more often at home.