Marcy Kolean, CPLC


• Zeeland

Areas of Focus:

• Disordered eating
• Identity/Self-Worth
• Spiritual/Faith Journey
• Body image/self-image
• Sex/Intimacy Coaching (Adults only)
Trauma Informed

Patient Ages:

• Middle School
• High School
• Adult

You are a masterpiece and should be living with joyful abundance. Change starts with believing what God says about you and believing it for yourself first. I believe that people just need permission to thrive by expressing, exploring and rediscovering abundant life through the way we all live, breathe and move.

As a former dancer, I understand the harsh realities of body image and disordered eating but mostly I see how creative movement can be used to rebuild brokenness and call His children back to wholeness through Him. Dance was my redeemer through my own brokenness from emotional, mental, spiritual abuse and trauma as a child and even as an adult. It was a safe place where I didn’t have to by shy about living my life and could actually use my voice without saying a word.

As a PCC Certified Life and Leadership coach, specializing in Therapeutic Dance Coaching, Relationships and Creative Arts Coaching, not only do I coach 1:1, but I have spent many years facilitating therapeutic dance floors to tangibly help participants experience THOUGHT AND ACTION and put into practice the impacts it has on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realities to help guide them to transformation. Coupling these modalities provides a safe space to aid in opening the doors to the realization of each individual’s potential.

By exploring possibility and capabilities through movement, not only in our bodies, but with our minds and through coaching, my personal mission is to walk alongside others to help them discover their sense of worth and identity in Christ by seeing them break down barriers that often are limiting their growth. By exposing issues in need of surrendering and letting go of things we cannot control, this allows room to move forward and focus on what they can control and find the beautiful balance between them. Encouraging those who feel stuck or shy about living their own lives and prove that when they feel like they “CAN’T”, unveil to them that THEY CAN!

‘We can be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time!’ -Sophia Bush

I get to share my life with the most amazing people, but my favorite are my husband, Justin, and our two precious kiddos and our two dogs. Together we love to hike, play pickleball and tennis, travel, and frequent the best local coffee shops and beaches. Summer is by far our favorite season and we take every opportunity to be outside in the sun!