Marriage At Risk: Thinking Me

Keeping secrets and looking outside your marriage for fulfillment are two risks for a marriage that we have discussed. The third type of warning sign that husbands and wives can be on the lookout for in their relationship comes in different shapes and sizes, but there’s always a common current running underneath. In this case, that current is a behavior that’s all too common for both men and women: thinking ‘me.’

You know how it goes. As an individual, you have a thousand things happening at once—responsibilities, concerns, events, commitments, relationships, and who-knows-what else. There’s barely enough time to tackle half of the things on your mind.

So it’s only natural for you to overlook other things sometimes, even losing sight of the person who’s promised to stick around ‘til death do you part. And there it is. That’s exactly the kind of thinking that puts a marriage at risk. It’s I, me, and mine first, and you are the afterthought. It comes down to selfishness, plain and simple.

When was the last time you stopped to do something that was completely for your spouse’s benefit? In order to stay married for life you need to have the mindset of thinking about your spouse’s needs and wants before your own.

When did you give up something, just to make their day? When did you pause to compliment them or encourage them? When did you make an effort to show up for something important to them?

In life, some risks are worth taking, but others won’t bring any gain. Being self-centered will bring nothing but damage to a marriage. This is your spouse’s relationship too—when you have thinking to do, it should be ‘you and me.’