Phil Lewis, Director Tampa Bay 


• Tampa Bay, Florida

Areas of Focus:

• Leadership Development
• Marriage
• Career Design
• Communication
• Purpose and Calling

Patient Ages:

• Adults
• Older Adults

Phil Lewis is the director of the Winning At Home Tampa Bay office and a passionate communicator who loves to share messages of hope to his audience. As an engaging and thoughtful speaker, Phil draws his audience in by sharing real-life stories as well as effective and proven processes that listeners can implement in their own life. He brings decades of experience as a pastor, and is also a certified coach, trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

Phil uses his wealth of knowledge obtained by working with thousands of clients dealing with innumerable issues to equip and empower people to leverage their strengths and successfully deal with their weaknesses in order to experience the life they want.

Phil has also acquired experience the old-fashioned way through his own family life as a husband to his wife Mindy, father to his married daughters Noelle and Bethany and grandfather to precious Eliza and Malakai. He enjoys providing resources and tools for men and women; moms and dads; husbands and wives; and singles and seniors to enable them to build the life of their dreams and win at home.