Spring Break Memories


This past week was Spring Break for many high schools in the area, so schedules looked a lot different than they normally do. If you didn’t travel anywhere for the week, then you probably worked in an office or at a workplace that was operating at far less than the usual capacity. That was my story this past week. I was in the office, and it felt kind of like a ghost town compared to the normal level of activity! Jane and I don’t have kids in school anymore, so it was mostly just another week as far as we’re concerned. Sure, our grandkids were out of school, so we saw them during hours of the day that we don’t typically see them, but it was still a normal week for us. 

But for some of you reading this, last week looked a lot different than your normal day-to-day life. You might have been sitting on a beach somewhere warm, or staying in the guest room in an extended family member’s house while your kids played with some of the cousins they don’t get to see very often. Or you may have been home with your kids, who were filled to the brim with energy! 

I’d like to remind everybody that however you’re feeling about this past week, I hope you can enjoy the place you find yourself right now. Here’s why I say that: For those of us who didn’t travel anywhere, it can be easy to feel left out or jealous at the fact that we’ve been stuck in cold weather and we’re about to hear all about the warm, sandy beaches that our friends and co-workers visited. For those who did travel somewhere, it can still be easy to see the other trips that people took and to feel jealous of them. Sure, you were on a beach, but it wasn’t the nice one that you had initially hoped to travel to. Or it was “just” a domestic trip, rather than an international one. Or you’re frustrated because your kids never seemed to appreciate all that went into your trip, but you are absolutely convinced that some other family didn’t run into that issue! Do you see what I mean? 

Life is funny like that, isn’t it? It can be easy to get caught up in what we aren’t getting to experience rather than enjoying what we are getting to experience! But our minds just naturally want to compare in ways that leave us feeling like there’s something better that we could (and should) be doing. The reality is that we’ve been doing this week was probably pretty great. Working in a quieter office was the perfect time to get caught up on things that you typically don’t have time for. Being on vacation with your kids was a time when you created some lasting memories. If you struggle to believe that, just think about how many of your most cherished memories are not related to how picture-perfect something went, but on the people you were doing things with. Being home with your kids for a week was a great chance to create memories with them too. Maybe you had a game night or you all sat down and watched a video from their favorite YouTuber or TikTok creator and now you have a new inside joke as a family.