That Place

If you’ve ever been part of a jury or watched proceedings on a TV drama series, you may have witnessed or participated in a jury that was sequestered. In very public or trials involving celebrities, the jury is sequestered due to the high profile nature of the case. The purpose of confining jurors is to restrict their access to the media and general public, and in some cases to protect them from possible bribes or threats. The idea is that they need to be in a quiet place to think and have peace from outside sources. This way, they can focus solely on the case and the information they’re hearing, instead of all the noise from life.

What noise is going on in the background of your life? Whether you are a teenager in the middle of one of those enjoyable, yet frustrating times or you’re middle-aged and caught between the concerns of your children and your parents, or you’re elderly and fighting the effects of age—you need that place! Somewhere you can call your own. A place where you can reflect and clear your head without interruptions from cell phones, computers, or people. A place where you can think! It works for juries, management teams that go offsite on retreats, and the President who goes to Camp David to get away from it all.

I actually have a couple of these places. Nobody knows where they are except my wife, but it wouldn’t be a place that you would guess. I can sit in this quiet area, with no one else around and let peace and tranquility find me like a bee to honey. It’s a sweet time for me to ponder the blessings, current issues or troubles in my life, or those I love.

For me, it’s also a time to pray. Other people may use their quiet place to read and just relax, do yoga or meditate, and just enjoy the surroundings and soft whispers they may hear. It’s just the ritual of getting out of the norm, fleeing the rat race, and finding solitude. It’s amazing how changing things up can change your perspective.

It’s the same principle when you can’t find something you’ve been searching for all day. Once you step away from looking for it, even for five minutes, and then try again, you are usually successful. The brain cannot continue to receive information continuously without some kind of mechanism or time to process what has been received. Otherwise the circuits will become overloaded and sparks will start to fly in the form of anger, impatience, and other non-desirable traits and more than likely your family will be on the receiving end.

Bodybuilders and other exercise enthusiasts generally give themselves a day or two off from workouts because they recognize the importance of resting the body. Recovery time allows the body to replenish energy and repair damaged tissues as well as rebuild and strengthen muscles.

Although the brain is an organ, it acts like a muscle. If you don’t use it, there’s a better chance you’ll lose the capacity you once had or are capable to obtain. In the same way, if you overuse it and don’t get away to rest it from all the stimuli and messages, you don’t build in any recovery time which helps to replenish your energy.

Find that place where you can go to relax and re-energize your mind. It will better help you overcome challenges and win at home.


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