Have you ever experienced silence from a person? Something happens and your spouse, child, sibling, parent, or friend just stops talking to you. It’s not a good feeling. Or think about that time you were waiting to hear from someone you love who was late or didn’t show up. They weren’t answering your texts or calls and you were left to frantically wait in silence until you heard from them. It’s a frightening experience.

There is a period of time in the Bible between the Old Testament and New Testament that is referred to as the “400 years of silence.” This time of 400 years is when the voice of God and prophetic teaching was completely quiet. Now, you have to understand that hearing from God was very commonplace for people of this day, so it was quite unnerving to suddenly have complete darkness in terms of hearing from God.

During this era, people were under the rule of three great powers. First the Persians, then the Greeks under the reign of Alexander the Great, and then the Romans. With all of those shifts in power, there were wars going on, depression, and there was a tremendous amount of despair. People were uncertain of the future and the present didn’t hold much hope.

Yet, it was into that silence that Christ was born. When Jesus’ time of arrival came, it was the first time anybody had heard anything from God in 400 years! There was great joy and celebration as a result of that event. The birth of Jesus Christ brought light into this darkness. God brought a message of hope to people through His child, who would be known as the light of the world.

As you see lights shining from the tops of houses or on Christmas trees, remember why they are there and rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ—the true light of the world.