Czech Republic – May 11 through May 20, 2017


Sports get a lot of attention here in the United States. And, while not everyone in our country is involved in or a fan of sports, they can be used as a bridge to connect people around the world in spreading hope and the Gospel.

Such is the case for the next adventure for WAH World. A group of college football players from Butler University, a Division 1 school out of Indiana, will be traveling to the Czech Republic to reach and teach young men who have a shared interest in football.

Led by Dr. Peter Newhouse, Director of the Winning At Home Family Wellness Center, and his son Isaak Newhouse, a football player at Butler University, this team will travel to the Czech Republic to hold football clinics with young men who are mostly high-school age and younger.

Planned Activities

  • The team will visit various schools and speak at church services as a way of introducing themselves to the community and inviting them to the football clinics. It will also be an opportunity for the team to interact casually with the students and speak conversational English with them.
  • The team will hold football clinics that teach football drills, plays, and other skills that these young men from the Czech Republic would otherwise never have the opportunity to learn.
  • Team members will share their testimonies of faith during scheduled rest breaks. The emphasis will be on how God and faith should always take priority over football. This is important as the majority of people in the Czech Republic are atheists and it may be the only opportunity for them to hear about God.
  • The team will serve with established American missionaries (Global Partners) and participate in local outreach service.


Young men in the Czech Republic do not have access to the type of football skills that many boys in the United States start learning in elementary school. They have lived in a culture that has often shamed them for their deficiencies instead of encouraged them for their strengths. Many of these young men have grown up without fathers or positive adult male role models. The goal of this service trip is not just to teach football skills, but to build these young men up through praise and to make a positive impact on their lives, while sharing the love of Christ. For many of these Czech students, meeting an American football player will be the highlight of their childhood.