Dr. Peter Newhouse will be attending the Global Partners Mission Conferences in both Turkey and Slovenia. Missionaries from those countries will attend workshops that help them continue to grow in their ministries. As keynote speaker, Dr. Newhouse will address missionaries, including many who are married couples with families, about “Compassion fatigue” as well as “How to know when you or others need help.” This is important for missionaries who often neglect the signs of burnout when working in the field.

Planned Activities

Dr. Newhouse will be speaking twice in both countries and will also be spending several hours each day providing individual counseling to missionaries.


To let the missionaries know they have support beyond their field. To provide some respite for them to breathe and connect with other missionaries as well as be encouraged.

“Many of us get caught up in an exhausting cycle of demanding too much of ourselves…but God does not expect you to live this way…don’t become overwhelmed pursuing the false image of perfection to try to fix a problem on your own.”
Prescriptions for Healthy Relationships by Dr. Peter Newhouse