Zambia – June 20 through June 30, 2017


Dr. Emilie DeYoung, Child and Adolescent Therapy Supervisor for Winning At Home’s Family Wellness Center, will be leading this trip and will be joined by colleagues Mavis Szubelak, MA, LLP and Dr. Catherine Mueller-Bell, who also counsel children and adolescents. Dr. Mueller-Bell lives in the Boston area and has been partnering with WAH World on these projects for the last three years.

These professionals will again be partnering with Jubilee Centre, an established NGO in Zambia (www.jubileecentre.org), to train individuals in Zambia who provide support and lay counseling for up to 10 children per day, but do so without having much formal education or training in these areas. Winning At Home desires to provide ongoing consultation, training, and supervision in order to partner with them as they act on their passion for counseling children.

Planned Activities

  • The counseling team plans to provide conferences in collaboration with Jubilee Centre in two cities in Zambia (Ndola and Lusaka), with the focus on enhancing counseling skills and providing case consultation.
  • Mavis will arrive in Zambia about two weeks prior to her colleagues to study the culture and develop counselor training materials that integrate cultural norms and values. During this time, she will focus primarily on how Winning At Home can continue to support a developing counseling center, an interim home (a new sort of “foster care” system), volunteer schools, and churches.
  • In addition, they are excited to offer the staff at Jubilee Centre a team building workshop.
  • Finally, they will continue to support the foster care and adoption initiatives established by Jubilee Centre.


Statistics show that 15% of the population of Zambia is infected with HIV/AIDS. This results in a large number of orphans and vulnerable children. The process of integrating orphans into an established family can be very difficult. The staff from Winning At Home will work with social workers, families, and children to teach strategies that will foster healthy integration. In addition, many of the children have been exposed to various forms of loss and trauma. Therefore, the goal will be to train counselors in the area of grief and trauma so that they are better equipped to assist the individuals that come in for help.