While it’s difficult to pinpoint every success that happens on a mission trip, the sound of laughter erupting for the first time from a three-year old boy is certainly an accomplishment and a blessing. This child’s reaction was just one of the many highlights the team of seven from Winning At Home experienced while visiting Ndola, Zambia in July.

The main purpose of the trip was to equip, encourage and collaborate with the Jubilee Centre, an organization that Winning At Home has partnered with for three years. Through conducting marriage seminars and caring for the physical and emotional needs of orphans, the team successfully reached and surpassed many of their goals.

Dr. Peter Newhouse with the assistance of Dr. Emilie DeYoung, led nearly 40 couples, all of whom are lead pastors from network churches, through a powerful marriage conference that focused on active listening, the power of encouragement, and navigating difficult times. Not only did the pastors and their wives personally benefit from these workshops, but that are now able to counsel and guide couples within their own faith communities.

In addition to marriage training, the WAH team coordinated a workshop focusing on issues related to Gender Based Violence/Domestic Violence. This training targeted many of the home based care volunteers who witness violence in the home. The workshop also empowered church leaders to consider how the church might intervene in situations where violence or aggression may occur.

Dr. DeYoung continued her initiative of training child counselors. Access to child counseling information is extremely limited in Zambia even in the University settings where there is training for social work but not child counseling. These trainings included modules on building healthy attachment and incorporating children into adoptive families.

During this trip Dr. Newhouse also spoke during two different Sunday messages and was the keynote speaker at a fundraising banquet for the Jubilee Centre in which 150 people attended.

While Drs. Newhouse and DeYoung were conducting educational workshops, the rest of the team, which consisted of a third counselor, Rebecca Grant and four teens, Sophia Newhouse, Sara DeYoung, Jessica Peerbolte, and Mia Grant who all worked primarily at the local Adoption Society. They were busy painting murals on the walls in the children’s rooms to make them more kid friendly. The blessed them with soccer balls and food,  along with a lot of hugs and individual attention. And in collaboration with four community schools, Rebecca led the team of teens and taught lessons in English, Language Arts, Bible, and Science. This event also enabled them to encourage the volunteer teachers and pray with them for additional development of the schools.

Because of generous supporters, WAH World is able to bring the education and training we are blessed with here in the States to people around the world in hopes that everyone wins more often at home.