Some of the assumptions people make are based on what they perceive to be an inherent right. For example, if you purchase a ticket to a baseball game, you assume there will be a game to watch. If you buy a product from the store, you assume it’s going to work. If you get some chili at a fast food joint, you assume it will be free of fingers or other body parts!

Other assumptions people make are based on their personal experience which means everyone’s assumptions may differ. If you lend someone money, you assume they’re going to pay you back. If you tell someone the information you just shared is confidential, you figure they’ll keep it a secret. You assume if you send someone a gift, they’ll say thank you. In all three cases, not everyone has experienced the same response.

People often tell me they assume all the people that work for Winning At Home have all experienced perfect childhoods and have flawless marriages and families.

I understand how people would make that assumption considering we promote to others how to win at home. But, if anything, I think the opposite is true.  The people at Winning At Home work here because they want others to experience what they perhaps didn’t have. You have read numerous columns of mine where I confess the struggles I had growing up and now challenges I face with my own family. I believe I learn things that I am meant to share with others in order to help them avoid the same consequences.

The staff that works at WAH has varied backgrounds. There are those who have difficulty with extended family members. Others have been through a divorce. A few whose children have strayed into turbulent waters. Regardless of their circumstances, they’re all committed to the institution of marriage and family, and what they’ve learned in life they want to pass on to others.

Remember math problems in school? If you showed your work, you could get partial credit even if you didn’t get the right answer. That’s because we often learn from seeing what we did wrong. Nobody gets marriage or family right from the start. Usually people find their way after discovering what they did wrong. By sharing our own personal struggles and triumphs we hope that people will learn from them. We hope our honesty and transparency is encouraging to others as they learn they aren’t alone in their experience or in how they are feeling.

One person assumed she wouldn’t get hired here because she’d been divorced. She was wrong. We’re not about judgment. You don’t have to be married nor have children to work here. You do, however, have to believe in the organization’s mission and want to help carry it out.

We try and practice what we preach by holding staff members accountable in their relationships.  We have parameters in place that we know help build strong marriages and families. If our employees are married, we keep them accountable for praying with their spouse among other things. We have family flexible personnel policies that allow people to be with their families when it’s important. We encourage couples to get away on date nights and when we have events, we love to have the whole family come and volunteer.

About the only assumption you can make about Winning At Home is that we love to serve and help families win more often at home.