Winning At Home Zambia

Winning At Home has had great success in supporting marriages and families here in the United States, but you may not be aware of the presence we have also had overseas. The mission and vision for our teams from our Family Wellness Center who travel overseas is to encourage, empower, and collaborate with Christian organizations worldwide to minister to those who are struggling in their emotional, relational, and spiritual journeys.

An example of how we are bringing that vision to life is the partnership Winning At Home has established with the Jubilee Centre in Ndola, Zambia, which is an NGO (non-governmental organization) that serves a network of nearly 100 churches throughout Zambia by helping them to promote healthy families. This partnership began in 2012 with Dr. Emilie DeYoung, the clinical director and adolescent therapy supervisor of our child and adolescent therapy department, who developed and presented a conference on child counseling there with Dr. Catherine Mueller-Bell from the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Since that time, they have developed and presented a curriculum to train and empower lay counselors to respond to the needs of traumatized and vulnerable children.

The results of that effort have been:

  • Over 75 lay counselors have been trained to use basic child counseling skills from a uniquely Christian perspective.

  • Jubilee Centre is in the process of certifying this curriculum with the government, which would grant credibility to the information and allow those who have been trained to train others.

  • Currently, there are 4 counselors in 2 locations near Ndola who are not only using the counseling skills in their churches, but they have acquired counseling rooms from the government to offer ongoing counseling appointments. This idea has been gaining momentum in Lusaka as well.